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Ken Buckley for

Mentor School Board

Making a Difference

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Why Your Vote for Ken Matters: An Experienced Educator

Ken offers a full time commitment to the Board of Education.  His focus continues to be:

  •  A QUALITY EDUCATION: Preserve and improve the quality of our school system by supporting an outcome of high student achievement

  • THE TAX PAYERS VOICE: Continue to ensure sound fiscal management driven by our strategic plan based on the guiding principle that every dollar spent must add value to teaching and learning

  • STUDENT ADVOCACY: Make sure we continue to provide an enriching variety of educational opportunities for ALL students in a safe and nuturing environment

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Frequent Questions

What is you stance on teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT)?
I do not support teaching CRT in our K-12 schools.  Mentor Public Schools follows the state legislature's approved guidelines for instruction.  Revised Code (O.R.C. 3313.6) is explicit in spelling out the scope and sequence of what is taught in Ohio schools.  CRT is not included in these guidelines.

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